About Conference


Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Asia Pacific Surgical Infection Society (SIS-AP), it is a great honor and privilege for us to announce that we shall be hosting the 2nd SIS-AP international conference. This congress is to be held at Grand Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul, Korea from the 5th to 6th July 2019.

The SIS-AP international conference has been conducted from 2017 biannually. The first conference was held successfully in Japan and we actively discussed the situation of surgical infection in each country. This time the conference will be held under the host of Korean Surgical Infection Society (KSIS).

The KSIS with a history of 8 years, has been established for research and education on prevention and treatment of surgical infection. We have been actively participating in international academic exchanges with various foreign countries as well as domestic academic conferences since its beginning.

At this meeting, our respected colleagues from Asia-Pacific region will join us to actively exchange various academic ideas under the theme of ″Step to New Horizon to Prevent SSI″. One of our main topics is about antibiotics stewardship. We will review the status of antibiotic stewardship in each country and how to improve. Also, we offer programs with a variety of themes as well as special lectures delivered by prominent international speakers. The latest news and findings about prevention and treatment of SSI will be presented and the research results achieved at several world-renowned institutions will be shared.

Extensive academic exchanges and collaborations will take place during this time, friendships will be built. We kindly encourage international scholars to send us your abstracts for presentation. Please mark the date in your calendar and follow our updates on the 2nd SIS-AP International Conference website. We hope the 2nd SIS-AP International Conference is held in success, and we look forward to your active participation.

With best regards,


Jung Gu Kang, M.D., Ph.D.
President of the Korean Surgical Infection Society


Suk-Hwan Lee, M.D., Ph.D.
Chairman, Organizing Committee of 2nd SIS-AP International Conference