Program at a glance

  • July 5(Fri)
  • July 6(Sat)
  • July 5(fri)


    Time Room 1 Room 2
    [Pre-congress Workshop]
    3M SSI Prevention Workshop Part 2

    Welcome and recap
    Project reviews
    Tea break
    Project reviews
    Variation and interpretation of Results
    Spread and sustainability

    13:30-14:00 Opening Ceremony
    14:00-15:30 [Symposium 1]
    How to treat SSI effectively

    • Antibiotic use in patients with abdominal injuries: guideline
    by the Korean Society of Acute Care Surgery
    [Suk-Kyung Hong/ Asan Medical Center, Kore]
    • Implication of Vaccum-assisted closure in treatment of SSI
    [Yuda Handaya/ INA ISSI, Indonesia]
    • Surgical site infection program in China
    [Joe King Man FAN/ The Univ. of Hong Kong - Shenzhen Hospital, China]
    • Indonesia guideline development
    [Toar JM Lalisang/ INA ISSI, Indonesia]
    • Our preoperative strategy for prevention of SSI
    [Yuichi Ishida/Jikei University,Japan]
    • Discussion

    [Symposium 2]
    Preoperative strategiesto prevent SSI

    • Healthcare associated infection control policy in Korea
    [Yoolwon Jeong/ The Ministry of Health and Welfare(MOHW), Korea]
    • Importance of a clean environment in OR & decontamination of medical devices
    [Eunjung You/ Asan Medical Center, Korea]
    • Advanced materials for prevention of surgical site infections
    [Mikyung Cho/ Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital, Korea]
    • Challenges and strategies for the standardization of medical device reprocessing
    [Joo WHA Yoo/ Seoul National University Hospital, Korea]
    • Antiseptic prophylaxis for preventing SSI
    [Si hyeon Han/ Dankook University Hospital, Korea]
    • Discussion

    15:30-16:00 Coffee break
    16:00-17:30 Oral Presentation 1 Oral Presentation 2
    18:00 Dinner
  • July 6(sat)


    Time Room 1 Room 2
    09:00-10:30 Oral Presentation 3 Oral Presentation 4
    10:30-10:50 Coffee Break
    10:50-12:30 Keynote Lecture
    Step to new horizon to prevent SSI

    • Assessment of prophylactic antibiotics in surgery
    [Sunyoung Park/ Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, Korea]
    • SSI prevention: collaborative model in Asia Pacific
    [Ling Moi Lin/ Singapore general hospital, Singapore]
    • The management of Intra-abdominal infection
    [Massimo Sartelli/ The University of Macerata, Italy]
    • Preventing perioperative hypothermia
    [Victoria M. Steelman/ University of Iowa, USA]

    12:30-13:30 Luncheon Symposium 1 Luncheon Symposium 2
    13:30-15:00 Current status and antimicrobial stewardship

    • Antibiotic stewardship: A call to action for surgeons
    [Hong Bin KIM/ Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Korea]
    • Progress on antimicrobial stewardship in Japan
    [Harumi Gomi/ International University of Health and Welfare, Japan]
    • How to implement antibiotic prescribing practice among surgeons
    [Massimo Sartelli/ The University of Macerata, Italy]

    15:00-15:20 Coffee Break
    15:20-17:00 [Symposium 3]
    Role of professionals to prevent SSI

    • Role of infection control professionals in preventing SSI
    [Keita Morikane/ JSSI, Japan]
    • Prevention and management of anastomosis leakage in HPB surgery
    [Toar JM Lalisang / INA ISSI, Indonesia]
    • The professional serves as a strategy for coping with current situations and dealing with the social roles.
    [Yuichi Yoshida/ Sanmu Medical Center, Japan]
    • Role of anesthesiologists to prevent infection in the operating room
    [Jin Joo/ Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, Korea]
    • Emerging clinical evidence and stewardship to prevent SSI
    [Myoung jean Ju/ Kosin university gospel hospital , Korea]

    [Symposium 4]
    SSI prevention in OR

    • Preventing surgical site infections update
    [Victoria M. Steelman/ University of Iowa, USA]
    • Factor influencing intraoperative processes to reduce SSI
    [Wifanto Saditya Jeo/ Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Indonesia]
    • Identifying sources of contamination in the Operating Theater
    [Esther A. Saguil/ University of the Philppines, Philppines]
    • Proper surgical attire and surgical site infection
    [Chinhak Chun/ Mediplex Sejong Hospital, Korea]
    • Nursing care plan to prevent SSI
    [Gortap Sitohang/ Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Indonesia]

    17:00-17:20 Closing Ceremony
    17:20-18:00 General Assembly - KSIS