Program Details

  • July 5(Fri)
  • July 6(Sat)
  • July 5(fri)


    Pre-congress Workshop
    3M SSI Prevention Workshop Part 2
    Time : 08:00-13:00 [ 300”]
    Place : Room 2
    • 08:00-08:30   Welcome and recap
    • 08:30-09:30   Project reviews
    • 09:30-09:45   Tea break
    • 09:45-10:45   Project reviews
    • 10:45-11:00   Variation and interpretation of Results
    • 11:00-12:00   Spread and sustainability
    Opening Ceremony
    Time : 13:30-14:00 [ 30”]
    Symposium 1
    How to treat SSI effectively
    Time : 14:00-15:30 [ 90”]
    Place : Room 1
    Moderator :
    Keita Morikane (Yamagata University,Japan)
    Woo Yong Lee (Sungkyunkwan University,Korea)
    • - Antibiotic use in patients with abdominal injuries: guideline by the Korean Society of Acute Care Surgery
      [Suk-Kyung Hong/ Asan Medical Center, Korea]
    • - The implication of Vaccum-assisted closure in treatment of Abdominal SSI
      [Yuda Handaya/ INA ISSI, Indonesia]
    • - Surgical site infection program in China
      [Joe King Man FAN/ The Univ. of Hong Kong - Shenzhen Hospital, China]
    • - Indonesia guideline development
      [Toar JM Lalisang/ INA ISSI, Indonesia]
    • - Our preoperative strategy for prevention of SSI
      [Yuichi Ishida/Jikei University,Japan]
    • - Discussion
    Symposium 2
    Preoperative Strategies to Prevent SSI (Korea-English)
    Time : 14:00-15:30 [ 90”]
    Place : Room 2
    Moderator :
    Kwang Ho Kim (Ewha Woman's University,Korea)
    Yeonhee Kim (Inje University Sanggye Paik Hospital,Korea)
    • - Healthcare associated infection control policy in Korea
      [Yoolwon Jeong/ The Ministry of Health and Welfare(MOHW), Korea]
    • - Importance of a clean environment in OR & decontamination of medical devices
      [Eunjung You/ Asan Medical Center, Korea]
    • - Advanced materials for prevention of surgical site infections
      [Mikyung Cho/ Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital, Korea]
    • - Challenges and strategies for the standardization of medical device reprocessing
      [Joo WHA Yoo/ Seoul National University Hospital, Korea]
    • - Antiseptic prophylaxis for preventing SSI
      [Jongrim Choi / Samsung Medical Center]
    • - Discussion
    Free Paper Session - Oral Presentation 1 [O-01 ~ O-06]
    Time : 16:00-17:30 [ 90”]
    Place : Room 1
    Moderator :
    Chi-Min Park (Samsung Medical Center,Korea)
    Wifanto Saditya Jeo (Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital,Indonesia)
    • O-01 : Surgical Site Infection(SSI) after Elective Surgery for Colorectal Cancer: Improvement Following Surgical Care Bundle Approach.
      [Sungchul Lee / Samsung Medical Center, Korea]
    • O-02 : Prevalence and Clinical Features of Systemic Inflammatory Reaction Syndrome (SIRS) after Ureteroscopic Removal of Stones.
      [Ji Kang Yun / Soonchunhyang University College of Medicine, Korea]
    • O-03 : Comparison of Operative Outcomes (including Depressed Postoperative Skin Scar Incidences) between Conventional Linear Skin Closure Versus Purse-string Skin Closure in Ileostomy Reversal.
      [Sunyoung Park/ Catholic University of Korea, Korea]
    • O-04 : Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Hostilities with Supplemental Oxygen.
      [Rifaldy Fajar / Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia]
    • O-05 : Use of Delta Neutrophil Index for Predicting Bacteremia in Patients with Necrotizing Fasciitis.
      [Ji Young Jang / Wonju Severance Christian Hospital, Korea]
    • O-06 : Comparison between Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery and Open Colorectal Resection Surgery (CRS) in Surgical Site Infection (SSI), Hospital Length of Stay (LOS) and Hospital Cost Using Data Review for Surgical Antibiotic Prophylaxis (SAP) Assessment by ‘Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service (HIRA) in Korea.
      [Sang Hyun Ahn/ Yonsei University, Korea]
    Free Paper Session - Oral Presentation 2 [O-07 ~ O-12]
    Time : 16:00-17:30 [ 90”]
    Place : Room 2
    Moderator :
    Songja Chang (Samsung Medical Center,Korea)
    Victoria M. Steelman (University of Iowa,USA)
    • O-07 : Experiences in Implementation of Antibiotics Stewardship Program in Surgical Intensive Care Unit.
      [Mingoo Kang / Samsung Medical Center, Korea]
    • O-08 : Pancreatic Fistula after Distal Pancreatectomy and Drain Contamination.
      [Takashi Harino / Toyonaka Municipal Hospital, Japan]
    • O-09 : The Strategy of Reducing Surgical Site Infection in Laparoscopic Appendectomy.
      [Seok Hyeon Cho / Catholic Medical Center, Korea]
    • O-10 : Prospective Observational Study of Surgical Site Infection (SSI) in Colorectal and Small Bowel Surgery in a Tertiary Referral Center.
      [Jung Rae Cho / Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Korea]
    • O-11 : Risk Factors for Febrile Urinary Tract Infection after Ureteral Reimplantation in Children.
      [Jae Min Chung / Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital, Korea]
    • O-12 : Colonoscopic Irrigation Is a Safe and Effective Treatment in Uncomplicated Right-sided Colonic Diverticulitis.
      [HYUN HO KIM / St. Vincent's Hospital, the Catholic University of Korea, Korea]
    Time : 18:00-
    Place : Aston House

  • July 6(sat)


    Free Paper Session - Oral Presentation 3 [O-13~ O-18]
    Time : 09:00-10:30 [ 90”]
    Place : Room 1
    Moderator :
    Soon Sup Chung (Ewha Womans University,Korea)
    Esther A. Saguil (University of the Philippines,Philippines)
    • O-13 : Change of Antibiotic Resistance to the Causative Organisms of Pelvic Wound Infection for Recent 5 Years.
      [Seung Ki Min / National Police Hospital, Korea]
    • O-14 : Impact of Postoperative Infection on Long-term Survival after Potentially Curative Resection for Gastric Cancer.
      [Hironori Tsujimoto / National Defense Medical College, Japan]
    • O-15 : Surgical Adhesives (2-octyl Cyanoacrylate) Reduced Surgical Site Infection after Minimal Invasive Colorectal Cancer Surgery.
      [Chul Seung Lee / Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, the Catholic University, Korea]
    • O-16 : Report of Characteristic of Complicated Intra-abdominal Infections, Bacteriological Profile, Treatment Approach and Factor Influencing Outcomes at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital Jakarta.
      [Arnetta Naomi Louise Lalisang / Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Indonesia]
    • O-17 : The Incidence and Risk Factors of SSI in Laparoscopic Colorectal Cancer Surgery.
      [HYUN HO KIM / St. Vincent's Hospital, the Catholic University of Korea, Korea]
    • O-18 : Oncological Outcome of Surgical Site Infection after Colorectal.
      [Seongmun Park / Samsung Medical Center, Korea]
    Free Paper Session - Oral Presentation 4 [O-19~ O-26]
    Time : 09:00-10:30 [ 90”]
    Place : Room 2
    Moderator :
    Eun Suk PARK (Severance Hospital Yonsei University,Korea)
    Yun Jin Lee (Severance Hospital Yonsei University,Korea)
    • O-19 : Cleaning, Sterilization Integrated Management Process Improvement Activities.
      [YOUNGLAN PARK / Yeungnam University Medical Center, Korea]
    • O-20 : Strengthening the Infection Control through Standardizing Decontamination of Surgical Instruments.
      [Kyoung Suk Shin / Seoul Asan Medical Center, Korea]
    • O-21 : Comparison of the Efficacy of Two Types of Cleaning Method for Surgical Instruments by Using Manual Cleaning and Automated Washer Disinfector.
    • O-22 : A Study on the Disinfection Effect According to the Pollution Degree of the Operating Room Slippers and Washing Method.
      [Suji Jung / Chung-ang University Hospital, Korea]
    • O-23 : Activities to Improve Cleaning Delays after Use of Routine Surgical Equipment.
      [Myunghee Seo / Severance Hospital, Korea]
    • O-24 : Assessing Knowledge of Wound Care among Surgical Nurses by Using Visual Dictionary for Self-Directed Education in Wound Management (ViDSDe-WM).
      [Min Jeong Kang / Yonsei University Health System, Severance Hosptial, Korea]
    • O-25 : Traditional Negative Pressure Wound Therapy(tNPWT) Versus Disposable Negative Pressure Wound Therapy(dNPWT) for Prevention and Treatment of Surgical Site Infection.
      [Yun Jin Lee / Yonsei University Health System, Severance Hosptial, Korea]
    • O-26 : A Study on the Expiration date of Sterilized Products.
      [Sang suk Byun / The catholic UNIV. of Korea seoul St.mary's hospital, Korea]
    [Keynote Lecture 1] Step to new horizon to prevent SSI
    Time : 09:00-10:30 [ 90”]
    place : Room1
    Moderator :
    Jung Gu Kang(National Health Insurance Service Ilsan hospital,Korea)
    Hyeseon Chung(Samsung Medical Center,Korea)
    • - Assessment of prophylactic antibiotics in surgery
      [Sunyoung Park/ Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, Korea]
    • - SSI prevention: collaborative model in Asia Pacific
      [Ling Moi Lin/ Singapore general hospital, Singapore]
    • - Preventing perioperative hypothermia
      [Victoria M. Steelman/ University of Iowa, USA]
    Luncheon Symposium 1 [3M]
    Time : 12:30-13:30 [ 60”]
    place : Room1
    Moderator : Kil Yeon Lee(Kyung Hee University,Korea)
    • Theme : Advancing Surgical Care for Every Patient Advancing Surgical Care for Every Patient Description for the theme: Patient preparation prior to surgery has become a high priority, noting that interventions during this time period can have a profoundly positive effect on infection prevention. We are taking surgical site infections from every angle to give clinicians greater control over outcomes and to improve surgical care for every patient.
    • Topic 1 : What can we do to reduce SSI in clean surgery? Koji Yamada / Kanto Rosai Hospital, Japan
    • Topic 2 : Skin antisepsis and alcohol Ling Moi Lin, Director/ Singapore General Hospital and President, APSIC
    Luncheon Symposium 2 [ Medtronic]
    Time : 12:30-13:30 [ 60”]
    place : Room 2
    Moderator : Suk-Hwan Lee(Kyung Hee University,Korea)
    • How much do we actually know about electrosurgery?: Safe use of electrosurgery based on FUSE program
      Saseem Poudel/ Steel Memorial Muroran Hospital, Japan
    General Assembly - KSIS
    Time : 13:30-14:10 [ 40”]
    Current status and antimicrobial stewardship
    Time : 14:10-15:00 [ 50”]
    place : Room 1
    Moderator :
    Kazuo Hase(National Defense Medical College,Japan)
    Toar JM Lalisang(Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital,Indonesia)
    • - Antibiotic stewardship: A call to action for surgeons
      [Hong Bin KIM/ Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Korea]
    • - Progress on antimicrobial stewardship in Japan
      [Harumi Gomi/ International University of Health and Welfare, Japan]
    [Keynote Lecture 2] KSIS Presidential address
    Time : 15:00-15:40 [ 40"]
    place : Room 1
    Moderator : Kazuo Hase(National Defense Medical College,Japan)
    • - The progressive strategies for prevention of SSI and future of Korean Surgical Infection Society
      [Jung Gu Kang/National Health Insurance Service Ilsan hospital,Korea]
    Symposium 3
    Role of professionals to prevent SSI
    Time : 16:00-17:40 [ 90”]
    Moderator :
    Yuichi Yoshida(Sanmu Medical Center,Japan)
    Kil Yeon Lee(Kyung Hee University,Korea)
    • - Role of infection control professionals in preventing SSI
      [Keita Morikane/ Yamagata University Hospital, Japan]
    • - Prevention and management of anastomosis leakage in HPB surgery
      [Toar JM Lalisang / Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Indonesia]
    • - The professional serves as a strategy for coping with current situations and dealing with the social roles.
      [Yuichi Yoshida/ Sanmu Medical Center, Japan]
    • - Role of anesthesiologists to prevent infection in the operating room
      [Jin Joo/ Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, Korea]
    • - Emerging clinical evidence and stewardship to prevent SSI
      [Myoung jean Ju/ Kosin university gospel hospital , Korea]
    Symposium 4
    SSI Prevention in OR
    Time : 16:00-17:40 [ 90”]
    Moderator :
    Yoon Suk Lee(The Catholic University of Korea,Korea)
    Sunhee Lee(Korea University Guro Hospital,Korea)
    • - Preventing surgical site infections update
      [Victoria M. Steelman/ University of Iowa, USA]
    • - Factor influencing intraoperative processes to reduce SSI
      [Wifanto Saditya Jeo/ Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Indonesia]
    • - Identifying sources of contamination in the Operating Theater
      [Esther A. Saguil/ University of the Philippines, Philippines]
    • - Proper surgical attire and surgical site infection
      [Chinhak Chun/ Mediplex Sejong Hospital, Korea]
    • - Nursing care plan to prevent SSI
      [Gortap Sihotang/ INA ISSI, Indonesia]
    Closing ceremony
    Time : 17:40-18:00